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Some blog-related changes and news

Okay…now that Halloween has been way past over, I’ve decided to revert back the color scheme of the site to its original one.

For those who loved the Halloween theme, dont you fret…you will see it again next year. I kept the CSS stylesheet containing the codes so that I can just whip it out in an instant if need be. In the meantime, I’m still waiting for the day we get the freedom of being able to upload any theme and embed a lot of flash/java apps on the platform, but the way how things are going as of now, I don’t think we will see that time day anytime soon. Until then, I’m gonna stick to CSS until I get bored and start moving from a to a platform.

On the same account, I’m also working on a new CSS stylesheet (or more precisely, a new color scheme) for the upcoming Christmas holidays. Yeah, I’m pretty well aware it’s not December yet, but oh it will come (and go) so fast.

The new but not so unfamiliar banner is of course, from Chaos;Head, which include all (with the exception of the pink-haired girl Rimi) of the central female figures of the series/visual novels, complete with their ethereal weapon of choice. And no…I did not make this banner, I would if I could but I simply lack the time messing with Photoshop and all but oh well….

And that’s about it…at least for now…



  Maura wrote @

I would comment on your lovely theme but my computer has been hating me the last few weeks that it won’t even let me go to certain sites without reloading a bunch of times.

I’m getting a lap top in a few weeks, it’s being sent. When it arrives and I go on the internet, and see your site layout, then I’ll comment. But whenever their is blue, and red it makes for good css styling. Did that make sense???

  Maura wrote @

How is it, after I comment your layout finally shows full detail =0

Anyways now I can officially say I like it =D it’s amazing.

  7 wrote @

@Maura: Lol! This layout isn’t mine but thanks anyways. This theme is one of the original themes that you can select in, the Halloween theme is the same theme with different color schemes. 🙂

  lostty wrote @

Love the new banner! The image is a very nice one of its characters and the colour works well with the theme!

I’m excited to see how this blog will look in December! 😀

  Maura wrote @

@7: That’s Cool!!!! My computer is working a bit better now, but only a bit =(

  7 wrote @

@lostty: I’m excited about how the blog scheme as well! 🙂

@Maura: Good to have your computer working. Computer-related mishaps are always a pain.

  Kitsune wrote @

Oh, a chaotic banner – that’s nice 🙂 One thing is not clear to me though… What the second girl from the left is holding in her right hand?

  Maura wrote @

My computer is working again *so interesting,huh*. Anyways with the Kaname/Zero thing. I’m kind of in between as who I like. Kaname is like Edward-Like *From Twilight*, and Zero is kind of like the best best friend that you fall in love with. Tho Zero is Yuuki’s best friend =D

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