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Toradora! – Episode 6: Ami’s true nature…revealed


I watched the episode expecting Taiga to reveal what she found interesting during the near end of the previous episode

…all I got from this episode that might point to that ‘interesting find is belly attack from Taiga and Minori. So what the hell exactly did Taiga find anyway? Is it about Ami’s ruse of trying to make it seem as if she can eat whatever she wants without getting fat? I don’t know; I’m confused myself.

Nevertheless, one of the things I liked in the episode is how Taiga got Ami to play her little game and outsmarting her in the process. I also liked how Ami, from this point on, will be acting by her true nature instead of her ‘mask’ personality. But the best part of the episode is at the near end, when Ami tried to make a move on Ryuuji, to be caught in the act by Taiga! That scene is simply pure awesomeness! It sure peaked my interest level! Will there be a cat fight next? Who knows…but the preview looks very promising. 🙂


  • Taiga and Minori manage to expose Ami’s lie (saying how she does not diet because she doesn’t get fat) and her true personality by feeling up her stomach flab.
  • Later that day, while walking home, a distressed Ami runs to Ryuuji and requests that he accompany her. At the same time, Ryuuji notices a suspicious person who seems to have been following Ami from school. Taiga eventually yet unintentionally scares of the person by sending a flying trash bin.
  • Ami explains that the person is a (hardcore) fan, and it is because of this that she asks Ryuuji if she can stay at his place for a while. Taiga retorts by insisting that she stay at her place instead, since it’s much more ‘safer.’
  • The next day, Ami comes to school looking very tired…all because Taiga made her do multiple impersonations all night. Upon hearing this, Kitamura asks Taiga to take care of Ami and her inability to make real friends. And since Kitamura’s the one asking a favor, Taiga automatically nods her head in compliance.
  • During lunch time, Ami asks a rather intriguing question to Taiga, asking why she and Ryuuji and have the same exact lunch. Taiga responds by taking Ryuuji’s side dishes in attempt to make their lunches different, and justifies her action by claiming how Ryuuji was her dog in the previous life.
  • Much later, Ryuuji makes an announcement asking for volunteers for a community clean up. Taiga volunteers Ryuuji since she has plans of coming along to see Kitamura. She then later finds out that Minori and Ami have signed up as well. Unfortunately for Taiga, Kitamura chose to go with the other officers of the student council. She ends up having to go with Minori instead.
  • Ryuuji and Ami end up having to clean up a riverside area. After an unexpected mishap involving a frog, Ryuuji tells her how is aware of her true nature. Ami responds by saying how she is useless without her ‘mask’ (personality).
  • Ami then realizes that the guy who was following her is back. She then admits to Ryuuji that the person is no ordinary fan, but is instead a stalker. It is for this very reason why Ami moved to Ryuuji’s town.
  • Taiga and Minori make their appearance, trying to regroup with Ami and Ryuuji. They are instead greeted by the stalker, who suddenly started taking pictures of Taiga. Taiga gets enraged and starts chasing the guy. Ami remarks on how Taiga is not intimidated by the stalker, and gathers her resolve to put an end to her drama and eventually, gives chase to the stalker and outrunning Taiga in the process.
  • Ami manages to catch up to stalker, destroys the camera, intimidates the person and sends him fleeing for his life. Ryuuji catches up seconds later to be told by Ami that she is happy, at the same time scared, for her actions.
  • Later at Ryuuji’s place, Ami remarks on how Taiga, although reckless and messy, always has friends around her. She then asks Ryuuji what he’ll do if she were to reveal her true self to him. While approaching him in a rather intimate manner, she wonders if he’ll ever take a liking to her; only to be caught unexpectedly by Taiga.

7’s Top Seven Most Influential/Intriguing/Insignificant/Idiotic Screen Caps

Who knew touching somebody's flab can tell you what that person ate?

This is what you get when you try to force somebody's darker personality

Taiga: I know you gained a pound.....Ami: ZOMG no!!!

This 'Who me?' expression of Taiga is absolutely cute

Palmtop Tiger indeed...

And Minori once again becomes the source of comedy...

Ryuuji: Hey mom, I found somebody who dresses like you



  Kairu Ishimaru wrote @

This was an educational episode of Toradora. The lesson was.. Let it out! XD

  Kitsune wrote @

Oh my… Taiga can be really scary.

  blissmo wrote @

I like it how Ami fails to piss Taiga off because Taiga has awesome come-backs 😛

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