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Blog Wrapper: ef – tale of melodies: Episodes 4-5, Yozakura Quartet: Episodes 4-6 & Tales of the Abyss: Episodes 5-6

ef – tale of melodies: Episodes 4-5

Episodes 4 and 5 have been especially entertaining seeing how characters of the previous season have slowly reappeared. It’s also good to know that their appearances play a very important role of putting together events of the past with the events of the present. I’ve always thought that the prior episodes were rather spontaneous, especially when they switch back and forth between seemingly two indirect story lines – one being Yuu’s and Yuuki’s, while the other being Kuze’s and Mizuki’s. Often times I would wonder why the producers chose to narrate a story in a rather bizarre way – not only did it make it very hard to follow how one character is associated with another character, but it also made the two story lines pointless.

Prior to Episodes 4 and 5, I was like…’WTF?!’ and/or ‘What’s the point of all of this?!’ To be quite honest, my interest sank way down, to the point where I was about to drop this series. Lucky for this tale of melodies, my interest level went back up with the appearance of familiar faces, the fact that Mizuki got shot down by Kuze, and the fact Nagi revealed how she was (or still is) Kuze’s lover.


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  Kitsune wrote @

Yay! Foxy cuteness! :3

  7 wrote @

@Kitsune: I knew you were going to say something fox-related. 🙂

  53RG10 wrote @

Did anybody’s gay alarm go off?

It never shut off since the first episode…>_>

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