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Clannad~After Story – Episode 6: More than a cat, it seems


Bravo Clannad~AS…for sending me yet again on another emotional roller coaster

. Gawd…after watching the episode, I simply cannot utter how I feel. On one hand, I feel rather sad and unsatisfied with how things ended between Shima the cat servant [for convenience’s sake, this is how I shall refer to green eyed] and Misae. It’s rather unfortunate that Shima the cat servant, well…how do I say this, cannot prolong his stay with Misae as a student from another school, mainly because he is not your average human student in the first place! On another hand, I feel somewhat happy that Misae’s with somehow got fulfilled, although not exactly in a way she imagined. While Shima the cat servant did give his word that he will love Misae forever and ever, he will do so in his feline form. What can I say? Awkward, but hey, it works.

On another note, I’ve always thought from the previous episode of Shima the cat servant’s role is somewhat very feminine. A tendency to cry, a rather soft voice; Shima the cat servant is not your typical manly man. And finally, I was proven right when he cross dressed for the sake of seeing Misae. Misae on the other hand is rather masculine for a girl – killer wrestling locks, no tendency to cry in a very emotional setting, all of which are very manly indeed. Don’t you think how it’s convenient to have a girlish guy and guyish girl who are attracted to one another? Like I’ve said before…awkward, but hey, it works.

As for whether or not Shima the cat servant’s role was to complement Misae, we will leave to your reasoning. One thing’s for sure though…he sure is driving a lot of anime fan girls crazy.

There are a few important points in this episode


  • Shima the cat servant, whom we better know as Shima, is actually not the Shima whom Misae helped in a hospital in the past. Let me rephrase that….
  • Shima is actually a nameless entity whose name he got from his master, the real Shima (who has passed away), which is the very person Misae helped in the past.
  • The real Shima had this nameless servant entity sent to Misae so that he (the servant) can grant Misae a wish as a token of the real Shima’s gratitude for what Misae did.
  • In a strange series of events, Misae took a liking to Shima the servant, as Shima the servant took a liking to her.
  • Misae finally let out her with to Shima the servant…a wish for Shima the servant to love Misae forever and ever. For some reason, Shima the servant had to disappear, but not without thanking Misae, since it is also his wish to love her forever and ever.
  • With Shima the servant gone, it looked like the wish was never granted. We find out later that it’s actually been granted through a very bizarre way. Shima the servant never really disappeared….he just changed from a human form to a feline form….the feline form being the very same cat Misae found one day.
  • All of these were realized by Tomoya through a dream.

Hope I was able to clear up some confusion! Then again, maybe not considering the tardiness of this post.

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Now, now Misae….no need to get excited over a cat

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