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Chaos; Head – Episode 5 & 6: Screw this…I’m going to Shibuya


Why won’t you?! I think Shibuya’s plain awesome! I mean, if there’s any place in the world where your mind becomes more than just a thinking tool, I simply want to go there!

Sure, I am concerned about the freaky mishaps like the New Gen incidents. But that’s a simple price to pay if you want to be able to make anything from your delusions into reality. Anybody here can think of a million bucks? Go to Shibuya and make it into reality! How about hot and sexy role model for your girlfriend? I don’t know about you, but I’m damn sure I won’t be able get my hands on one, at least not in my lifetime. Now, if I were in Shibuya….

Anyway, Episodes 5 and 6 were a brainful, if that’s even a word. There was so many things to think about in one episode alone, mainly what Sena said about the brain and what Ayase said about Di Swords. This was the reason why I decided to skip blogging Ep 5 and combined both episodes together in one post. Now, about what Sena said – she basically did comparison between our nervous system and an electronic circuit. There’s nothing wrong with that; it was easy to understand. But when she started talking about how you can control a person by manipulating how that person’s brain receives visual information, I had a WTF moment. I had another one when Sena started questioning Taku if what he sees is real. After a couple of rewinds, I was finally able to understand everything she said. Simply put, because a person’s perception is vulnerable to anyone who can control them, it is possible for that person to see things that aren’t even there in the first place. Takumi automatically belongs to that group of people whose perception is constantly being attacked.

As for what Ayase said, the only things I can understand from her is how a Di Sword is a thing of another dimension, and how it’s possible to project things from one’s delusion into reality. I also kind of understood the part where Ayase said something about a Di Sword can exist in other delusions. The way I see it what she said is: since Takumi is able to turn his delusions into reality (as proven by Ayase clone in a swimsuit he imagined), in theory, he should have no problems materializing a Di Sword. The same goes for other people who can materialize their thoughts. Now here’s the question: How can Takumi imagine something he has never seen before? The swimsuit he imagined on Ayase…I’m assuming is something he has seen in the past, which explains why he had no problems materializing it. My guess is, this is why Takumi’s having a hard time summoning his Di Sword. So yea, that was all I can get from Ayase’s explanation. Anything she said about higher existence and how the sword holds their fate, I just blanked out.

Another thing I noticed was the ever-switching affiliation of Yua. When I thought she was on Takumi’s side, she does something that shows otherwise. When I thought she was against him, she does another thing otherwise. During Ep 5 and 6, at one point, she said she wanted to help Taku, but calls the cops on him anyway. This whole thing drove me nuts and sunk my Yua fandom! It’s a shame really; she was one of the cutest girls out of the six. I could they say the same for Rimi. I mean, it’s great seeing her actually concerned for Taku’s well being; but lately, I’m beginning to become suspiscious of her. I don’t know about you, but  whenever Taku talks about delusions like that one point in Ep 6 when he thought he saw Yua, Rimi tried so hard to ridicule him…it’s as if she wanted to refute what Taku saw be it reality or a delusion.


  • Takumi happens to run into Sena, who holds him in an empty streetcar. Sena goes on to explaining how people are akin to electronic devices, how the brain receives information through the five senses (80% coming from sight), and how visual information are transmitted to the brain through electronic signals called neural pulse. She then goes on talking about Visual Rebuilding and how it’s possible to control people’s motion and senses.
  • Yua manages to catch Takumi off guard in an internet cafe and restrains him to keep him quiet. Although her intentions at that time unknown, she later releases him only to express her concerns. Claiming that Taku is suffering from Dissociative Identity Disorder, a multiple-personality syndrome of sorts, she makes a plea to him to stop killing people and offers to take him to a hospital. Takumi, who at first considers the possibility, ultimately knocks Yua off as he makes his way past her. A pursuit soon follows between Takumi and Yua, who was aided by the police and a bunch of people.
  • While running away, Takumi encounters Fes (aka Ayase Kishimoto), who later demonstrates how she obtains her sword, that is, by opening a portal to another dimension. According to her, the sword is a tool for ‘interfering in a transcended place.’ When asked by Takumi what Ayase meant by ‘transcended place,’ she replies that it something better known as ‘another possibility in the same dimension’ or simply, a ‘delusion.’ She then goes on to explain how a Di Sword can exist in another ‘possibility’ or ‘delusion.’ Ayase then directs Takumi to what seems to be another Ayase, the one who’s wearing a swimsuit exactly how Takumi imagined.
  • Inspector Ban explains to Inspector Suwa the correlation between the Shibuya’s abnormality in gravity (better known as GE rate) and New Gen crime scenes and how it’s possible to predict when and where the next incident will take place.
  • Recalling everything Sena told him, he imagines the possibility of being able to send images from one person’s brain to another through the aid of technology. Later, while surfing on the web, he stumbles upon on information about a technology which can make recording people’s thoughts possible. He then tries to see for himself if he really does have the power to turn things to reality through sheer imagination. Grabbing his broken Di Sword fake, he attempts to materialize the real thing but is eventually stopped by Rimi.
  • Sena finds his way to a guy surrounded by a group of people chanting the ‘those eyes’ phrase with a backpack containing a strange device (which appears to be manufactured by Nozomi). Sena is apparently asking the guy for a person named Hatano. When the guy replies no, she materializes her Di Sword and destroys the guy’s backpack, along with its contents.
  • Inspector Ban meets up with a woman named Momose Katsuko and discusses with her on matters regarding biorhythms (a factor of murderous madness). Katsuko then tells Ban how biorhythms and GE rates are dangerous subjects to talk about and refers to the connection between Professor Oota’s findings and his apparent murder.
  • Shibuya, along with its citizens, soon find themselves enveloped by a strange fog.


[Not doing any picks for now…too tired/lazy/busy/you decide]



  Kairu Ishimaru wrote @

I started to have a crush on Rimi after watching this episode. XD

And wtf is with Seira-tan! God.

  7 wrote @

@Kairu Ishimaru: Most likely another byproduct of his delusion.

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