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Toradora! – Episode 7: Even ferrocious girls fear flat chests


Q: What do you call a curve whose tangent line is a horizontal line from all points in the curve?

A: A flat chest…

Yeah, well you probably wouldn’t find the joke relevant, let alone funny (it’s one of those jokes I’ve heard when I take my Calculus classes), but I hate to break it to you that this episode concentrates mostly on flat chest. Bitchy girls? Well, they won’t be as bitchy after you tell them they have a flat chest (has a much more effect if they really do have flat chests).

Going back to Toradora, this episode is pretty much about the girls’ varying degrees of meticulousness when it comes to feminine figures Taiga seems to be having a hectic time with her flast chested, small bodied figure. In fact, she having it so hard that we see a revolution in her attitude. What used to be the ferrocious Paltmtop Tiger attitude is for the time being, replaced by a vulnerable side of Taiga. Minori seems to be showing some concerns about her figure as well, when she mentioned diving to the pool as a method of concealing her stomachย  at Pool Day. Ami…well…being the model that she is, makes full use of her perfect figure by showing it off. Slut!

One last note for the ladies…isoflavin is good for you! [Jeez, why didn’t I learn that in orgo class?]


  • Getting back at Ryuuji’s apartment, Taiga chooses not to tell Minori about the awkward scenery she just witnessed between Ryuuji and Ami. And although Ami taunts Taiga for a bit, Taiga just silently left with a very angry expression on her face.
  • That night, Ryuuji tries to explain to Taiga that Ami was just teasing. He then apolgizes for what happened. Taiga replies by asking what RYuuji is apologizing for.
  • The next morning, we find out that Ryuuji’s class will be having ‘Pool Day’ the following day, to which all students are required to dress appropriately. For some reason, Taiga panics and rushes to a swimsuit shop as soon as she had the chance.
  • At the swimsuit shop, Taiga, Minori, and Ryuuji find out that Ami was also buying from the exact same store. Taiga apparently has a problem with swimsuits, or rather, the sizes of the swimsuits – she simply refuses to wear anything that is children-sized. Ultimately, she buys herself an extra small suit, but not with a little persuasion from Ryuuji.
  • Later that night, we find out Taiga’s inability to swim, and her ulterior concern – the fact that she has a flat chest. Ryuuji offers to provide a temporary solution, that is, to sew pads for Taiga to use in her swimsuit.
  • Pool day finally arrives and Taiga gets tossed into the pool by Ami, unaware of her inability to swim. Ryuuji dives in to the rescue but finds out an even greater problem – one of Taiga’s pads was set adrift. He makes a decision to grab the pad and drag Taiga down to the bottom of the pool so that he can put back the pad into Taiga’s suit and right thru her chest.
  • Later, Ami tries to apolgize to Taiga but gets into a quarrel with her instead. Minori appears just in time to stop the quarrel and insists on settling their difference through sports.

7โ€™s Top Seven Most Influential/Intriguing/Insignificant/Idiotic Screen Caps

Three points to Ryuuji for the save

Taiga will later find out those balls on her hair are not floatation devices

Inner Ami?!

Poor people who can't afford cosmetic surgery can resort to this


Ami's aren't that impresive...when compared to Ryuuji's mom

Random Minori moment saves the day...yet again



  Kitsune wrote @

Oh yeah, I think everyone who covered this episode included that Minori shot because it is just too awesome ๐Ÿ™‚

Hmm… Now we have something to ponder about…. If Ryuuji’s mom have such rich assets and Taiga has a less endowed bust, how the daughter of Ryuuji and Taiga will look like? ๐Ÿ˜›

  Romancing wrote @

Ahaha I really enjoyed this episode. It shows how caring of a friend Ryuuji really is. (; Sport competition? I wonder how that’s going to work out. Multiple personality ex-model vs. The pissed off Tiger?

  7 wrote @

@Kitsune: I know! Minori is totally awesome!

As for your genetics question, the outcome is totally up to chance. ๐Ÿ˜› I’m sure there’s a phenotype responsible for large bust sizes, I just don’t know the ratio between large size to small. ๐Ÿ™‚

@Romancing: I am confused about Ryuuji…not sure if ‘caring’ would be the right word. Either that or he just loves to be bossed around.

My bet’s on Taiga. If anything, she’s more physically able than Ami.

  amayalee wrote @

I liked this episode, it was cute! I’m really loving all of Toradora at the moment. I’m Taiga’s height, so I kind of get how she feels. (Yes, I’m that damn short. ๐Ÿ˜› ) This episode was a little pointless but very fun. It made me laugh a lot. XD

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