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Blog roll trends: Multiple hiatus status – 7 will take one too

Not exactly my representation of a hiatus...but oh well, this will have to do...

Not exactly my representation of a hiatus...but oh well, this will have to do...

[Edit 09 Nov 2008 11:12 PM EST]

I will be lifting my semi-hiatus status around the first school break I’ll have in one full year.

Sorry for not making this clear. When I mentioned break, I meant this coming winter break. Apparently, I’ve been going to school without breaks (yea, that includes summer) for twelve months now.

[End of Edit]

It just happened to me that a considerable amount of blogs I visit on a regularly basis or, ‘frequent on’ (as biankita would call it) are on some magnitude of hiatus. From what I’ve been reading, it seems like everybody’s in hiatus mainly because of upcoming exams and/or job related issue (school > job). I’ve also noticed that these blog authors are in some kind of academic transition (i.e. high school to college), which lead me to believe that a significant number these bloggers started blogging around later half of their teen years, more or less. *Sigh,* I would’ve started blogging around that age if it weren’t for distractions *cough* girls*cough* lol (j/k). Bottom line, school goes first (more so now since you’re better off in school than out of it, especially since it’s hard to get in a job nowadays  because of the world economy).

Speaking of the phrase, ‘school goes first,’ I, myself will be spending less of my time blogging and most of my time studying and/or working, temporarily of course. I just had my third biggest exam on Organic Chem today (I’m pretty sure I’ve ranted somewhere about my two biggest pain in the ass subjects) and I simply got f****** in the *** OWNED.

if it were only Alchemical Engineering....

if it were only Alchemical Engineering....

I usually don’t have a problem with chem subjects considering how it’s all math…one problem though…Orgo has little to no math at all! And considering how I want to be a ChemE, , my future will be at stake, if I could not pass Orgo.

...not my idea of studying either

...not my idea of studying either

So yea…little advice: don’t only study hard…enjoy it as well. I will be lifting my semi-hiatus status around the first school break I’ll have in one full year. Until then, my blogging will strictly be on episodes that peak my interests. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still be sticking around here to blog once in a while.



  Kitsune wrote @

Yes, it is a very busy time for many people…

It is never too late to start blogging 🙂

Orgo exams are like that… However, I am sure you will do better next time! Good luck! 🙂

I’ll keep reading your blog 🙂

  Maura wrote @

Good Luck!! I totally understand =D , I’m in eightys in all my subjects but Math and Science. Tho my science mark has gone up. Math tho is a bit harder. I must work.

  Maura wrote @

Btw I responded on the “Little Neko’s looking for Writers”

  FuyuMaiden wrote @

Oh god another one. Everyone is going on hiatus…and with such good reasons too. Tch. It’s high school all over again where all my friends can’t go out because they’re busy figuring out their futures and I can’t…because I’m sick. Darn you all for having lives!!!

Well…I hope at least there are enough interesting episodes to keep your blogging semi-regular.

  lostty wrote @

I’m sad to see you on hiatus too…but I understand your reasons.
I’ll still check your blog regularly in hope for new posts!

  kanzeon wrote @

OMG lol talk about distractions, I got a direct hit when I remembered the time that I almost quitted blogging because of a break-up XD.

It’s quite sad that many blogs as of late are on hiatuses but I wish y’all the best of luck and I think it’s a good decision for you to concentrate first on what’s should be prioritized 🙂 . Good Luck!!!

  nazarielle wrote @

Haha, I was thinking about posting how I’ll be a bit less frequent because of my finals coming up, but I actually tend to post more then, because I’m a super procrastinator and blogging is a great way to waste time and not get anything done that I’m supposed to be doing :p

  biankita wrote @

good luck! hope you come back soon and hope you’d still hang around twitter. ^^

  amayalee wrote @

Lol, everyone’s going on hiatus just when I come back from mine! Do I have bad timing or what? Good luck with the exams and come back soon! (Cause I just got back!)

  blissmo wrote @

It’s always good to take a break I suppose 😀

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