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My Attempts of Understanding Chaos; Head as of Episode 7

[Ahhhh…feels good to be back at blogging, well, at least partially until my winter break comes. I’ve missed so many episodes good episodes, but I barely even have the time anymore. Because of my absence, I’ve decided to give a comprehensive post of all things Chaos; Head, or more specifically, my attempt to digest the concept of it all. Episode 7 got me so turned on interested, yet at the same time, confused. Hopefully, this post will clear up my mind so I can peacefully go to sleep.]

Out of all episodes of C;H released so far, this has yet to be the most understandable one yet. Ironically, this episode also happens to be most verbose of them all. So basically, just as when you think you understand a concept, they smack you in the face and give you a pile of vocabulary you swear you’ve never heard in your live, that is, if you aren’t a geek or something (no offense and pun intended btw).

Before I proceed to blabbering, please…keep in mind that

7 is dumber than he sounds….

What I’m about to blabber might be wrong, might be right. As to whether or not you agree with them is entirely up to you. If you feel like I’ve missed something, kindly let me know.

Now that that’s over with, let’s start with…


Perhaps the simplest description one can provide for Gigalomaniax is a person or a group of people who are able to see a Di-Sword. Not so complicated is it? That’s because that was the easy part. When it comes to understanding the abilities of a Gigalomaniax, it’s completely another story. Let’s start slowly…

  • According to one of the Nozomi agents… Noah II, the backpack responsible for inducing mass illusions upon the public, was meant to mimic a Gigalomaniax’s abilities; that is to make turn an illusionary projectile (simply an illusion of any object) and convert it to electromagnetic waves in such a manner that attacks not only the target’s vision (remember, your eyes see images through electromagnetic waves), but also your dopamine receptors. In case you didn’t know, dopamine plays a major role on your sympathetic nervous system, which includes but is not limited to your heart rate and blood pressure. Simply put, what better way is there to make an illusion so real other than fooling people through their sight and emotion? I say it can’t get any real than that. Wait, here’s a question you might ask…
    • What about the other senses? Good question…let me answer that by another question…aren’t all the other senses somehow connected to a nerve? Oh wait! We mentioned nervous system before!
  • By the way, did I mention how Noah’s function is to serve as a mechanical counterpart of a Gigalomainiax? Well, if Noah could do all those things, I bet Gigalomaniax can do the same at an equal, if not greater, magnitude…one excellent proof of that is their ability to materialize their Di-Sword. Speaking of which, you should have noticed by now that Di-Swords come in two states; one in which the sword is only visible among Gigalomaniax, and another which people and physical objects can interact with (aka Real Booter).

First State

Seeing as to how there has not been term assigned to this Di-Sword state, I’ve taken the liberty of dubbing it First State, which I will continue to refer as until that term is released to the public.

Getting back on topic, if there is anything you want to know first about Di-Swords, it would be how to get one. While Takumi gets a blank response from people whom he asked for instructions on how to get a Di-Sword, Sena at least points out how Di-Swords are more likely to appear in the presence of extreme power sources, pretty much in the presence of strong emotions such as sorrow, hate, etc. This pretty much explains how Takumi was almost able to materialize his Di-Sword.

Real Booter (or Second State)

Famous French philosopher Rene Descarte once said ‘I think, therefore I am,’ or in simpler words, you wondering about your existence is in itself proof of your existence. So how exactly is this related to Real Booter? Well, as Sena (or was it Kozue) pointed out, Real Booter (or materializing the sword in the physical plane) can be performed by confirming the existence of an otherwise invisible sword with others. Think of it as a modified version of Rene Descarte’s philosophy. What used to be ‘I think, therefore I am,’ is now ‘Other people think, therefore it [the Di-Sword] exists.’ Simple as that.

You thought that was hard? Wait ’til you see the last one…

Dirac Sea

Okay, so you probably got lost when they started talking about Dirac Sea and channeling energy from it to the Di-Sword. Well, who wouldn’t? Dirac Sea is a model people use when they take advanced (Einstein level) physics. I myself got stuck for a bit too, at least until I figured out an analogy (again guys, I might be wrong).

So, what exactly is the Dirac Sea?! No, no, no…it certainly isn’t something you swim in. If you’ve been paying attention to the episode, Taku describes it as an ‘invisible surface of boundary that’s overflowing with energy. Wow!!!!! That helps a lot…not!

The simplest I can go when describing Dirac Sea is a blanket of grenades. If you pull the grenade from its pin (that means you leave the pin on the blanket while you hold the rest of the grenade), you’ll have yourself a surge of energy from the explosion (theoretically of’d explode otherwise). This is pretty much the same concept when it comes to Dirac Sea. Dirac Sea is a blanket filled with particles that have a negative energy. Turn that into positive (similar to removing the pin off a grenade) and what you’ll have is the creation of particle, and along it, energy. On the blanket, you’re left with antiparticle (analogous to the pin).

So how is this related to Di-Swords? Remember how Gigalomaniax need to confirm to other people before they can physically materialize something? Well, in order for them to confirm with people, they need to see it; and in order for them to see it, their sight and emotion needs to be targeted. And guess what is used to target their sight and emotion….it’s none other than the particle created from the Dirac Sea!

That’s all folks

Well, that’s as far as I can understand. Remember, these are only my interpretations/opinions/thoughts. I could be wrong or right.



  KYPMbangi wrote @

Wow, that is so~ much information, in which my brain had to work like 200%, just to get it in my head

  7 wrote @

Yea it is a lot of info. But if you get past its massive size, I’m sure you will find it interesting. Hope I’ve helped clarify things somehow.

  Kairu Ishimaru wrote @

I dont know. Im starting to like Gigalomaniax.

  Kitsune wrote @

Oh my… Looks like those girls operate some large scale weaponry…

  7 wrote @

@Kairu Ishimaru: Me too!

@Kitsune: They are….because they’re going against a large scale black market company.

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  biankita wrote @

ahaha! i stopped any attempts of anything with this show. i placed it on hold and will be waiting for end of season reviews to see if it’s worth it. can i count on you???

  7 wrote @

@biankita: You sure can!

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