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New Christmas theme and updates


Finally! After three or more weeks of contemplating, I finally managed to finish changing the color scheme  of the blog to commemorate the holiday season….and just in time as well especially since Xmas is only 9 days away. As far as coding the color schemes, I’m not entirely satisfied. Meticulous observation will reveal some image ‘mismatch’ all over the site. That aside, everything looks as planned. I intended to add a moving object around the site (i.e. falling snow, etc.) But seeing how the snow has already been provided to me, I decided to make the stars twinkle along the banner area.

Speaking of banners, the banner used is something I bumped randomly into. I am not entirely sure what anime it’s from, but it does resemble a lot like Lucky Star.

Overall, the coding did not turn out as hard as I thought. I actually did not spend as much time as I did when I coded the Halloween theme. Guess I’ll take that as a sign of improvement. Then again, I did not consider the additional time I took to make sure everything was neatly done. Given more time, I would’ve spent an hour or two to fix the bugs – but time isn’t just luxury for me anymore.

[WARNING! Boring Life Story Below. Skip to the next section as soon as you start drooling]

So what’s 7 been up to lately?

Well, a lot of things happened actually.

As most of you might know (especially if you have me on your Twitter), I am in college..and since December is the last month of the Fall semester, exams have been piling up like crazy.  I, at least, have taken most of my major exams. I have one more major and one minor exam left….and all of that is going to end this Friday. But yes, up from the time I declared I’m on hiatus, all I ever did was read, read, and read.

There’s also the matter of moving to a new house. Yea, I moved…and the best part is, I moved close to the four-year university I’m planning to transfer to. Translation? It means I’ll save at least $10,000 a year by not dorming. Woot! Anyhow, if there was ever a time I wasn’t studying, I spent it on packing…and my gawd…I did not realize until that moment that we’ve accumulated so much junk!

Just as when I thought there’s nothing else that could stand in my way of accessing the internet, my ISP (internet service provider) goes bitching slow. Apparently, it takes a couple of days for our internet to move to the new address. I don’t know about you but for me, a couple of days without internet is like ages. Ages passed and the wait was finally over. Just as when I was about to surf the web, we realized our connection was so f*cking slow. I tried checking the semi-GPS on my iPod touch (a semi-GPS program that can tell your location based on a wireless access point) and found out that the GPS pointed to my old address. I don’t know how the system works but if I had to guess, I’d say that our access point hasn’t completely moved to our new location yet. Even now , I’m enduring a connection speed just above the rate of a Dial-up modem..and I have to tell you…IT IS F*CKING SLOW, especially when you’re trying to login WordPress with SSL enabled and coding stuff like CSS.

Catching Up

As soon as I finish all exams, I will be lifting my hiatus to start the first 5-week long winter break I’ve has since 12 months ago. Catching-up plans? Sure! My plan is simple – watch a marathon, then post a marathon. My posts will probably combine all episodes I missed for the same series, and I’m probably gonna post one series a day until I catch up on every series. This pretty much explains my agenda.

Plans on moving to self host WP

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who has plans on moving to a self-host WordPress, knowing how self-hosts have much more freedom plugin-wise and coding-wise.

I’ve actually decided to run some test blog sites across the web (on ad-paid free web hosts) to test out different theme layouts, plugins and such. Right now, I have a theme in mind that I really wanted to use. It’s just a matter of finding a good host with no ads whatsoever. I really want to avoid spending money for hosting. Although I’m more than capable of paying the monthly fee, I personally feel it’s not worth spending on something I don’t use on a timely basis.

I wanted to join dasaku…but Randall now requires a recommendation to get in. I barely know anyone from dasaku save for two…blissmo and Maura. So yea…if any of you folks would like to reccommend me, I would really appreciate it!



  Kairu Ishimaru wrote @


But.. It irritates my eyes.

MY EYES!!!!!!11

  kanzeon wrote @

Good luck on the exams this Friday!!! Seems like you really are very busy these days! Hope everything would be finished so that you can have the rest of the time this year all yours ^_^. And also, good luck with finding a host (goodluck to the both of us, since I’m also finding one XD)

Oh and about the new design…I love the stars at the banner as well as the candy cane-inspired border :)! My little problem only is that the bright green and the red font color are too strong for my eyes ^_^… That’s just me though…

  blissmo wrote @

Ooo, nice. I love Christmas 😀

  7 wrote @

@Kairu Ishimaru and kanzeon: Thanks for the feedback. I have a certain tendency to choose sharp colors. But not to fret, I changed it to another kind of red.

@blissmo: Thanks! I love Xmas too! Did you read about the dasaku part? ^_^

  nazarielle wrote @

Hooray, you are still alive! :p

Good luck with exams and enjoy all the marathons~

  FuyuMaiden wrote @

I just fainted from all the Christmas cheer. As for the banner, it’s a Lucky Star image edited to look like the Touhou characters (I’m 95% sure on this).

Reading all of the finals complaining from everyone these days actually makes me feel a little happy that I have to be stuck in high school a little bit longer. I’ve never, ever had to study for a test while in high school. Too easy.

As for hosting I decided long ago then I’d just pay for it when the time comes. I’ve always been the lazy sort of person who will use money if it makes things easier. Though I’m still having trouble figuring out who is the best to give my services to. And you know, I still need to prioritize until I have enough money to throw at my problems.

  7 wrote @

@nazarielle: I’m like a weed…I won’t die easily XD.
Thanks, I’m gonna need all the luck I can muster.

@FuyuMaiden: So that’s what the banner is all about.

To be quite honest, this is the first semester in college that I’ve ever felt the need to study. Prior to this point, I always got high 90s and 100s from all subjects (be it Calculus or Expository Writing)…all of these I got while dozing off in class. ^_^

I had a perfect GPA up until this point, and I really did so well maintaining it for two or so semester (four including the two summer semesters). I guess everyone hits a wall one point of time, and sadly, this is the end of my perfect GPA career…which is cue for me that I better hit the books.

As for hosting, my blogging is really not that popular (unlike yours and most of the people off my blogroll). Until I get a good amount of traffic, my incentive to pay for good hosting services will be in the low…at least for now.

  lostty wrote @

I love the what you’ve done to bring in the Holiday Cheer! You’ve really outdone yourself for this theme! I particularly like the bright colours and the candy cane border!
Tomorrow is the end of all this madness for me too, I really can’t wait to be able to sleep and finally get some Christmas shopping done… I don’t even have a tree, which just makes me feel lonely and Christmas is only a week away!

  7 wrote @

@lostty: Why thank you! Glad you like the new theme!

Don’t worry about not having a tree. As far as I’m concerned, we’re not gonna have one either…at least not while the house is in a mess from unpacking stuff. Don’t let a simple material thing bother your spirit XD!

Christmas shopping you say? I think it’s about time I spend my earnings on something other than food and transportation. ^_^

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