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Holiday Greets

Have a Happy,Steaming Hot, and Warm Holiday everyone! For most of you, I would like to say…Merry Christmas (Happy Christmas for my British friends). Why, you might ask, am I saying ‘most of you’? Well, I live (or once lived a considerable amount of time) in a very diverse and colorful multicultural neighborhood  (much more of a city, if you ask me). In that regard, I would like to express my respects to my non-Christian friends who have opened my mind to the different cultures of the world by saying…’Happy Hanukkah,’ and ‘Happy Kwanzaa,’ or better yet, ‘Happy Christmahannukwanzaka’!

I hope you all have (or had,) a wonderful time, presents or no presents, snow or no snow. What matters most is that, well, you are alive and you are well. So yes, I hope you all rocked your spirits by celebrating all the festivities to the fullest.

I for the most part, will be hibernating…but not without stuffing my seemingly bottomless stomach with food and trying to be well, merry. Aww f[**bleep**]k…is that a cut in my mouth?! Dammit! Out of the whole freakin year to get a mouth sore, it has to be on the occasion where my gobbling rate is at its maximum! f[**bleep**]k this!

Uh oh…looks like I’ve been naughty with words…I guess no presents for me then? Oh well…doesn’t matter..I still got a job! I can buy whatever I want. ^_^ That’s something to be thankful for, right? Right?!

[Please Santa…gimme a PS3..lolz]

Happy Holidays to my blogosphere friends and to the rest of the world:

Cheers! ^_^



  lostty wrote @

Happy Holidays to you too and congrats on the job! I still have 4 hours till Christmas is official for me, which really shows how vast the blogging world is considering for many the day has already passed.
I’m sorry about the mouth sore, I’m sure you’ll still be able to eat lots of food anyway and sleeping would be my ideal Christmas, but I can already foretell the wake up call at 7AM… I hope you get that PS3!

  kanzeon wrote @

Happy Christmahannukwanzaka 7 ^_^!!! Nice word 😉

  nazarielle wrote @

If we lost presents based on how much we cursed, I’d be in the negatives :p

Happy Holidays, whatever you happen to celebrate~

  FuyuMaiden wrote @

You had the right spirit going until you started swearing I think. ^_^;

And yes, Happy Holidays~! Christmahannukwanzaka reminds me of a commercial that used to be on TV. I can’t remember if it was for cars, cell phones, or maybe just a general electronics store…or maybe none of those things.

  Panther wrote @

Merry Christmas, dude!

  Kitsune wrote @

Happy Holidays, 7 🙂 Have fun and take good rest from all those finals 🙂

I hope you mouth will get better soon!

I like your holiday theme 🙂 It even has shining starts! 🙂

  Kairu Ishimaru wrote @

Happy Holidays!

“[Please Santa…gimme a PS3..lolz]”
Haha. Same here.

  53RG10 wrote @

Happy Christmaha…nnukwa….something! ^_^

PS: Linking to Google Earth for “The Rest of the World” is LULZ!!!

  blissmo wrote @

Merry Christmas to you too!!!

  ron~ wrote @

Merry Christmas! 😀

  amayalee wrote @

Happy Christmas 7! (Not British…but I like “Happy” better!) 😛

  biankita wrote @

sorry for the lateness – like everyone, been a busy holiday… merry christmas! i hope you had a good one. ^^

  Maura wrote @

Happy Hoildays =D

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