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When Anime Fails…I resort to Tokusatsu

Heh…I have no clue what got to me. I started watching Super Sentai, Kamen Rider, and Ultraman series that I was once so fond of when I was a kid…then I found myself unable to move my eyes from the screen. Don’t get me wrong…I’m not that old. The TV network I watched as a child (that should have been airing anime like the rest of the world) actually broadcasted a couple of these shows back then.

Hooray…reliving my childhood indeed… 😐



  Kairu Ishimaru wrote @

AHAHAAHAHA. Oh wait, Am I supposed to laugh?

  Maura wrote @

Oh dude I totally understand this, it’s happen with me except I don’t think with the shows you listed.

  tflops wrote @

We have a so-called anime channel here named as popular for kids “Hero TV” If I don’t watch anime, our anime so-called Hero-TV airs american cartoons! X.X Anime-TV-Failed!

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