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Chaos; Head: Closing Remarks

Bleh….when I thought I’ve finally had the chance to catch up on one of my favorite series for the Fall 08 season, I find out it’s only twelve episodes long. It is rather unfortunate that I have to yet again move another anime from my ‘Currently Watching’ list to my ‘Past Series’ one as we say goodbye to Chaos; Head.

Nevertheless, here’s the run down…

The Good

I personally enjoy anime that employ pseudo sciences as an essential element to the plot; and nothing exemplifies that better this season than Chaos; Head. For the most part, it lives up to its title, Chaos; Head…driving you absolutely nuts with verbose explanations and dictions the common person most likely have never heard or never will hear in his/her life – pretty much things I’m more accustomed to. I also liked the mode of confrontation among protagonists and antagonists – ethereal swords and delusional battles are simply out of this world!

If it so ever happens that such sci-fi thrills do not peak your interest, you will be scratching your head as to why bizarre events such as finding a fetus inside a dead man happen in Chaos; Head. Perhaps the other thing I enjoy about Chaos; Head is the manner it plays on a person’s demand for an explanation. Using disturbing often gory images to depict strange phenomenon in the plot, the viewer will more or less find him/herself asking questions like ‘why?’ and ‘how?’ as to how these events came to be before realizing, he/she would have been already too consumed by curiosity to, well..stop watching. This is very much evident across the blogosphere right after episode 7 when people ranted on how the series sucked right after that specific episode. Interestingly enough…these same people watched the series to the very end.

Coincidence…or an intended attack to the human curiosity? Hmmm…

And oh, I love Rimi’s piano insert song, as well as the OP sequence.

The  (Not So) Bad

Ah yes, the bad. To be quite honest, I’m having a hard time thinking of anything to say in this aspect. But push comes to shove, I’d say the series is somewhat lacking character development. I do wish to have learned a lot more about the pasts of the six female Gigalomaniacs. The way I see it, the goddamn series is already full of questions just trying to understand the plot and the mechanics of the pseudoscience in it which it runs on. Trying to get past all of these just to understand their origins is a bit too much in my opinion. If anything, it would have been better (at least for me) if C; H went a bit more liberal with character backgrounds, digesting it into easy-to-remember and easy-to-understand bits and pieces. I watch C; H to relax…and although I do not mind working my cranial CPU a little, the last thing I want to have is to feel as if I’m taking a board exam in engineering right at the convenience of my own room.

I also thought the whole delusional concept was a partial disappointment. The science of Chaos; Head was good up to the part where Taku ‘awakened.’ After that point, everything just fell apart to Deux Ex Machina; Taku suddenly becoming almost omnipotent laying waste on those who opposed him (Inspector Sui) and the fact that Noah II, a machine that’s supposedly almost impossible to grasp physically (with the exception of Norose Genicchi), was destroyed with he aid of a mere river….I cry foul play.

Even more foul play, the godly equation…^10 x int^40 = Ir2. You’re kidding me, right?

The Ugly

The thing that bothers me the most is the likelihood that this series could have potentially eliminated its bad aspects given more time. Twelve episodes are most certainly insufficient for a tightly-packed anime, considering the shitload of brain food, a lot of key characters (mainly the six female Gigalomaniacs), and a rather potentially interesting plot. If only C; H were aired in twenty-four episodes instead of twelve, character development could have been better and the Deux Ex Machina could have been minimized, if not completely eliminated.

Closing Remarks

The next time you may want to consider watching scientifically fictitious on the premise of having a little bit of something different, you may want to consider watching Chaos; Head….that is, if psychological thrills and mind-boggling phenomena float your boat. Due to its addicting nature and short span, Chaos; Head is a lot more suited for watching whenever you decide to take a break from a daunting task such as studying. I do not recommend watching the series in bulk….it will go by so fast. By time you realize it, you would have zipped through the series without getting a firm grip at its plot…then you’d be crying foul play.



  Panther wrote @

I seriously disliked the way the series went after episode 7. All too fast from wimp to superhero type. They could do better. The psychological part was also just fine, nothing much. Meh, not much to be expected from an eroge-to-anime adaptation.

  FuyuMaiden wrote @

Yes. This anime needed more than 12 episodes and everything that is wrong in this anime could have been fixed if it just had more time. The game was apparently very long so it’s disappointing that so many things were left out of the anime.

That said, I still enjoyed it, but it does seem to be (like someone said to me) mostly a commercial for the game. Because I really want to play the game now and see all the awesomeness I missed out on.

  Persocom wrote @

I’m going to watch this again and I’m trying to get the english subs for the game to work. I enjoyed the series very much but was sad it ended so soon.

  Legionarion Conquistadorz wrote @

The only thing I like out the entire series was the Opening Theme lol.

  Arachnicus wrote @

What a relief. I thought I was the only one who liked Chaos;HEAd. >w<

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