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Anybody else thinks Winter 2009 is a partial/complete fail?

A couple of weeks before the official start of the season, I was looking at the different shows that will be airing this Winter – how very disappointing! I can’t believe I was spending a lot of time looking around for shows that have a potential of tickling my fancy. I hate to admit it, but the previous season is a lot more better than this, mainly because I could easily distinguish which shows I’ll definitely be interested in from the ones I’ll probably die of boredom, just by taking a quick glance at their promotional pictures and a few words of their respective synopses. Pretty much, watching shows from Winter 2009 is like taking  a gamble, therefore making it (at least for me) a partial if not complete failure.

Shows that simply aren’t my cup of tea

Shows that have an ounce of being potentially interesting

Shows that are interesting but can’t watch because of existing previous seasons

Just as biankita mentioned in her post, I too wish it were spring already.



  nazarielle wrote @

You don’t like the delicious traps? Shame on you sir!

But, similarly, I’m locked out of quite a lot of shows this Winter due to them being sequels. It seems like half of the shows starting this Winter are sequels, some of them with more than just 1 previous season. So, yeah, pass.

On the plus side, at least Toradora, Clannad, and Gundam 00 will still be going. As well as something else which I can’t even remember what it is. Oh yeah Tales of the Abyss, that’s why I couldn’t remember it.

  FuyuMaiden wrote @

*gasp* You don’t like Maria!? So…people that do not succumb to the charms of traps do exist.

Eh. Winter isn’t that bad. I’m enjoying it about as much as I expected to. It’s a pretty good season for someone as easily pleased as I am. But a lot of things out there ended up being more boring that I thought they would be and the premieres aren’t quite over yet.

At least I got two shows I know I’m going to enjoy while watching out of it.

  IcyStorm wrote @

LOL @ ANN fail

Uhh, I’m watching all of the shows that simply aren’t your cup of tea.

  Minnie wrote @

I know I will be doing this a lot but a lot of people should really watch Natsume.. and then watch the second season. I was so interested in Natsume 2’s summary that I spent 3 days finishing the first season and finding myself completely in love with it. Now, I am happy to say that I won’t be missing at least one heck of a sequel.

And yes, Fuyu, people who do not like traps really do exist… ^_^ It’s a shame that I have already fallen for Maria Holic at the words: “SHAFT” and “writers of Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei” XD

I hope you find a winter anime you like soon Z!

  Karry wrote @

“Anybody else thinks Winter 2009 is a partial/complete fail?”

Just because you ignore the best shows of the winter – it somehow becomes a “complete fail” ?

Hajime no Ippo, Ride Back, Minami-Ke, Hetalia, Kemono no Souja Erin ?
Still “fail” after all this goodness ?

  7 wrote @

@nazarielle: Nope…I’m immune to traps. 🙂 And yes, thank god some shows from Fall 08 are still going on.

@FuyuMaiden: LoL. You guys makes it sound like everybody you’ve known falls easily to traps. Good premieres and bad shows are another thing.

@IcyStorm: I really thought I backed all the pics I used. Oh well…it’s fixed now. I’m taking a second look at the ‘not my cup of tea.’ I did white album…and I thought it was whack.

@Minnie: Hmmm…I’ considering on marathoning Natsuke 1st season so I can watch 2nd season. We’ll see how it goes from there.

@Karry: I don’t think I’m on the same page as you. You said I’m ‘ignoring the best shows’ but doing so will leave me with the not so ‘best’ ones. Isn’t that automatically a fail?

  biankita wrote @

the only reason why i’m wishing it’s spring aready is because i wanna see FMA ^^

  nazarielle wrote @

Well, I have to agree with Karry on one thing: Ride Back. I’m trying to contain my expectations. I’m afraid to get too hyped up over nothing, because then if my expectations aren’t met, I’ll end up frustrated. But it looks promising, plus Mizuki Nana voicing the main character is ❤

But seriously, where have all the fun action shows gone? Not that I’ve been around for very long, but I haven’t seen any even remotely decent fantasy/action shows yet. Viper’s Creed could be ok, but it still falls more into mecha. Where’s the good ole fashioned hack n slash like Claymore?

  Panther wrote @

Give some anime a chance! Lol. At least I am giving a few a chance. You need to catch Gayjinchou first season, it is good. Druaga, not so much. Nothing lost there but it might be interesting to those who play MMO’s…for a bit.

  jpmeyer wrote @

Ironically, while the winter season usually is the worst one, this one will probably be half-decent simply because of Marimite and Natsume Yuujin-chou. Granted, I’m not watching them either but the winter often doesn’t have a single decent show period.

  Kitsune wrote @

People have different preferences.

If the new menu does not fit your taste, try old recipes.

Genji and Erin are my choices this season.

  Kurokami – 01 « wat u say wrote @

[…] the action scenes were a blast. They were extremely well animated and anything goes. It seems my question of where all the exciting action shows have gone has been answered. Thank you, Kurokami, for […]

  amayalee wrote @

I am so with you one this. Winter season is gonna be awful when i get around to watching it. >.<

  Legionarion Conquistadorz wrote @

So far, I gotto say that it’s all right. Mostly still following stuff from 2008 though (toradora, clannad, yeah you know the rest).

Watching Maria becoz Trap anime are… interesting. Gets my mind blown and in laughter simultaneously.

  Voice Talent wrote @

Everybody have their own preferences. I don’t find my favorite ones.


  Persocom wrote @

I don’t think it’s complete fail, but there isn’t a lot I’m following this winter.

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