Chirping Crickets…

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ZOMG there's a cricket over there!!!!

ZOMG…there’s a cricket over there!!!

Chirping Crickets is our (my and a couple of our friends’) first attempt to blog mostly about anime. Although the idea of making our own anime blog has been contemplated some couple months ago, it wasn’t until recently that we were able to muster the idea of making a blog, mainly because we did not know where and when to start.

Chirping Crickets currently does not watch anime episodes on RAW (not subbed,  in other words) mainly because none of its reviewer(s) speak and understand Japanese fluently, which means our reviews might be slightly delayed. We will however, make it so that we can post our reviews as early as possible. Maybe if this blogsite prospers well enough, we might be able to attract people who might be willing to review who are fluent in Japanese. I know it’s a far fetched thought, but oh well…

So why is the name Chirping Crickets? Well, I was trying to come up with a name that is analogous to a group of people buzzing around for news. We certainly don’t like to buzz like bees and that’s why we chose to be crickets. Weird no?

Chirping Crickets also happens to be a comical way to portray silence, often times when you do something wrong, weird, etc. – something that 7 gets a lot from his peers.



  lostty wrote @

I’ll happily do a link exchange. I think this blog has a lot of potential and I am really interested in reading more from everyone. By the way, Chirping Crickets is a great name 🙂

  Kitsune wrote @

Nice creative name for a blog 🙂

I also like the banner art 🙂

  7 wrote @

Thanks everyone!

  amayalee wrote @

You know, after a couple of years banging your head on a wall, you’ll learn Japanese. I’m almost fluent now, (Almost, so close >.<) And it took quite some time and effort. But it’s worth it. I hate waiting for subs, I really do. T.T I hope this blog goes well for you guys. I’m rooting for you.

  7 wrote @

@amayalee: Thanks for your support! I am really hoping to learn Japanese one day. Hopefully, soon enough.

How good is your Japanese? Are you at the comprehension level or can you also read and write characters? This for me is the biggest obstruction from learning…I simply have no idea where to start.

  amayalee wrote @

Starting is a hard thing to do, it’s harder to get yourself to stick with it though. I haven’t even started the writing yet, I’m still on comprehension, I want to speak and then write, like learning English and the writing it. It’s seems more natural that way. I’m at the point to where I can understand almost everything that goes on in an episode without subs. XD You should go for it!! I gets fun after a while, and then it sucks, but it gets fun again, and you’ll be pleased with the payoff.

  amayalee wrote @

Hohoho! You have a new blog header! I like it! XD Maka owns my soul!

  7 wrote @

@amayalee: Thanks! Will be changing them once I get the chance.

  amayalee wrote @

Ok, So I got a twitter, and forgive me for being an idiot, (I really am stupid when it comes to certain things) But how do I link the twitter feed to my blog?

  AK wrote @

Hey! We’re all in the interest of directing viewer traffic to each other, so why not we do a little diplomatic blog exchange? Cheers!

  shion963 wrote @

Another me!!! I’m seeing doubles!! [points at avatar]

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