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Name: 7

Roles: Main Administrator, Reviewer

About:7 is a chemical engineering student who, like many people, happens to share a love for anime. He lives in Eastern USA.

Aside from watching anime, he likes reading manga, spend lots of time playing video games, looking for good eats, and trying out new things (this blog being one of them). Although his tastes for anime genre varies a lot, most of the anime series that he enjoyed (and currently enjoying) share one thing common –  the ability to keep 7 coming back for more.

Blogging is his method of relieving the addiction…and he has yet to find a method to relieve his addiction to  blogging.

Do checkout 7’s Twitter and add him to your list if you have one!

Name: Shala

Roles: Administrator, Reviewer

About: Shala is a high school student who has been watching anime and reading manga since who knows (it wasn’t a long time ago, she has just forgotten how long ago). She has a short attention span so most of the anime or manga she watches have to be entertaining (according to her liking of course). Shala is currently living in the good old East Coast. During the times when she isn’t watching anime or reading manga she is usually playing volleyball, playing (mostly learning) an anime theme song on the piano, rading her pantry out of boredom, or messing around with Photoshop.

She hopes to share her opinions of various anime with the rest of you.

Name: Ceriel

Roles: Reviewer, Editor

About: Ceriel is a Visual and Performing Arts student in her third year of high school.  She, like many of us, has an undeniable addiction to anime.  Most of the time you will find her procrastinating over homework (mainly VPA homework) by means of anything more amusing.  Although Ceriel isn’t particular about genres, she most enjoys anime that are great on visuals, comedic, fast-paced, action-packed, and romantic.

Name: Kyu Dark Longcoat

Roles: Reviewer, Editor

About: Enjoys anime. Crippling laziness. Works in the shadows. You’ll never find me.

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