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Welcoming the New Year 2009

So another year has passed…honestly, I could care less but what the heck. I’ll just go with the New Year spirit – basically, another chance at life New Year resolutions? What a joke. I have yet to find a person who completely went by their resolutions. Read the rest of this entry »


New Christmas theme and updates


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I want SUBS right here and right now!!!

Nope...not that kind of sub.

Nope...not that kind of sub.

Maybe it’s too early to ask this question, but I’m going to anyway…WTF happened to subbed version of this season’s anime?!?! Jeez…if you are one of the many who does not have the privilege of having a Nipponsei native tongue, perhaps this post can give some (little, petty, insignificant) closure. Of course, this does not change the fact that bloggers who do aren’t fluent in the language will not be able to blog unless there is a raw version of that anime. As of right now, I’m already behind one show, all because of the lack of SUBS.

So yes…let’s all start praying.

Inescapable Vectors!

Vectors are killing me

The last two weeks in school has been quite brutal, if not unforgiving. Everywhere I go, all I hear about is vectors! Jeez…seriously, I mean I don’t mind having vectors for discussion…they are pretty easy if you ask me. But the fact that I have to hear the same thing for many many times (many to the infinite power) is beginning to be a nuisance!

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School Administrators Suck!

Apparently, my classes started today. Everything from the time my class started until the time it ended was going smoothly, save for professors with horrible accents teaching a very challenging class. But even then, all was well.

would have been cool if I had this guy for a professor instead

It would have been cool if I had this guy for a professor instead.

For the last couple of months, I have always been planning my school schedule

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