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(Cue Music)

Shalalalala lala la la la ~~~

Hi guys! Shala here!  Pardon me for the random musical introduction, it fit the mood (and yes, I like the music cue). So I will be joining 7 in this blogging experience. Like 7 mentioned before, “we are entering the realm of anime blogging”, and I am also very excited to start. A few months ago, around the beginning of the year, I had been considering starting my own, but various things stopped me. Now however, I’m going to finally start with 7 and the rest of our friends.


Anime Lineup Fall 2008!

Let’s get to business shall we? Here’s a quick rundown of some of the anime series airing this Fall (at least the ones that caught our attention). Check them out!

Clannad After Story

Summary: This is the sequel to KyoAni’s Clannad TV series and the next-issue preview in the August issue (released on July 10) of Gakken’s Animedia magazine indicates that the next Clannad anime project, Clannad After Story, will hold its premiere in the fall.

(Taken from Anime News Network @

Genre: Romance, Slice of Life


7 says: I like this series. To be quite honest, I’m still finishing up on the first season.

Shala says: To be honest, I have never watched the series Clannad.

Ceriel says: Never watched Clannad, but I intend to do so.

Chance of watching:

7 says: Will definitely watch.

Shala says: I don’t know… it depends.

Ceriel says: Yes, most likely.

Chance of blogging:

7 says: Sure, why not?

Shala says: 7 will most likely blog this.

Ceriel says: I will not blog.

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Chirping Crickets

And so came the time where I enter the realm of anime blogging. Long road ahead and yet I’m very excited. After all those times of contemplating (and procrastinating….what on earth is WordPress?) I finally have a blog of my own where I can rant!